Employed Technologies: Hyperledger Fabric, Java Spring Boot, Angular, MongoDB, Activiti

Areas of Interest: Blockchain-based Verification, Semantic Matching, Volunteer Management Systems

Open Topics for Seminar/Bachelor's/Master's Projects

  • Topic 1: Matching between Volunteers and Volunteering Opportunities
  • Topic 2: Competence - Ontology / Derivation / Extraction
  • Topic 3: Social Aspect
  • Topic 4: Gamification

Current Projects

  • Design and Implementation of User-Configurable Properties and Templates for a Volunteer Management System (Alexander Kopp) Bachelor Project
  • Proof-of-Concept Prototype for a Blockchain-driven Volunteer Management System (Philipp Starzer) Bachelor Project

Finished Projects

  • Towards decentralized Volunteer Management Systems - Conceptual Approach & Architecture (Markus Weißenbek) Master's Thesis