Project in Intelligent Information Systems
367.106 (5PR)

Overall Topic:

Topics will fall into the overall area of Social Media Mining, with applications to crisis and emergency management - see our list of CrowdSA topics for getting an idea on potential topics. The main focus of this semester's course will be on tools and techniques for detecting real-world events and extracting and analyzing crisis-relevant content (text, images, videos) from social media platforms (e.g., Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).

Areas: Natural Language Processing, (Spatio-temporal) Data Mining, Text Mining, Topic Detection & Tracking, Stream Processing, Community Analysis


Realize an implementation project, settled in the application context of the CrowdSA project, i.e., processing and analysis of Social Media content (e.g., Twitter) for crisis management.


Please register via KUSSS and contact lecturer (wieland.schwinger[at] for more information on available topics.

Organization: Regular individual progress meetings with lecturers.